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    Client: Wild Fields

    Promo for local Organic grocer

    This Palm Harbor, Florida-based local natural grocer wanted a promotional video that captured the customer service and quality difference that separates Wild Fields from the competition. This promotional branding video was used on their website and in social media to help build their brand online.

    Client: PeopleTek

    Promo for Leadership Training company

    This Plantation, Florida-based leadership company that has international reach; teaches cutting edge skills in a high-touch way. We created  a promotional video that captured the soundbites from the people who work at companies that were impacted by the training in real, measurable way.

    Client: Morgan Air

    Promotional and Brand Awareness

    We created this promotional piece to showcase the professionals inside Morgan Air and how they work together to serve their customers. In this brand awareness piece, we shared how Morgan Air's founder has built a team of highly skilled professionals in the Tampa Community. This video will be used on Facebook and Youtube to promote Morgan Air's business within the community.

    Client: OP Centers of Florida

    Customer Spotlight

    We created this patient spotlight video as part of a monthly series we produce for this leading provider of Prosthetics in the state of Florida. This video features Drone footage, motion graphics that we put together to create a more epic feel to what this man was able to accomplish even after losing his leg in an automobile accident.This video will be used on the OPC website, on Facebook and in other outlets for maximum exposure.

    Client: Mathnasiam

    Promo for learning center for students

    Mathnasiam is a place for learning, fun and achievement. We created this promo to capture some of the spirit of this special learning place . We focused on the fine work the tutors and staff do in helping students become higher achievers with in developing their math skills in a fun and unique way.

    Client: Velocity Videos

    Informational Tip Video Series

    We created a series of comical, high-energy info-videos for our own company to give value to potential customers and build our brand. We built the campaign on Facebook and as a lead generator for our sales funnel. These videos also helped position us as the subject matter experts in the field of Video.

    Client: OP Centers of Florida

    Tough Mudder Experience

    We created this inspirational video as part of a monthly patient spotlight we produce for this leading provider of Prosthetics in the state of Florida. For this production, we created a video that documented Hector's story , determination and courage to overcome the Tough Mudder Challenge which took place in Melbourne, Florida. This video was used on the patient's website, on Facebook and in other outlets for maximum exposure.

    Client: Biz 2 Biz Networking

    Promotional Video

    To create "Buzz"and attract new vendors an businesses alike; we created this promotional video covering the Biz 2 Biz Networking Expo at the Broward County Convention Center. This video captured soundbites of business owners at the event and lots quick shots of "moments" of connections between business owners and vendors. The video is being used on Social Media to maximize attendance to events and overall branding for the company.

    Client: Golden Construction

    Golden Construction Promo

    We created this testimonial video that was a joint project for Golden Construction and Gulfside Windows. Making use of Before and After stills, the promo reveals the results that these companies achieve for their happy clients. The viewer leaves excited about the possibilities of working with this team on their home construction transformation project.

    Client: I am Gratitude Bags

    Product Promotional

    We created this film style promo with two actors promoting the Gratitude Bag. In the video, we used different scene setups to show the bags in action and how the customer could use them. The Gratitude Bag creator narrates the piece and it ends with a call to action to purchase the bags.

    Client: Thermal Wire and Cable LLC

    Customer Service Video

    We created this short form video for this Naples-based leading provider of High temperature wires which featured the CEO describing what makes Thermal Wire unique in their niche. This video was utilized strategically on their website and YouTube channel for more engagement and a personal touch to their international business.

    Client: Author and Speaker Kara Vaval Ferrier

    Book Launch Testimonials

    We created this interview montage for the Book Launch event for Author and Speaker Kara Ferrier. It will also be showed at signings across the country at book signings to get audience members excited about the book and interested in purchasing a copy. All footage was shot in studio on a Green Screen and best moments compiled into the 3 minute video.

    Client: Pro Guard Development Training Camp

    Georgia Camp Preview

    We created this video to promote PGD Basketball Camps and promote their upcoming Basketball Camp in the Georgia market. This video was utilized on Facebook and YouTube to get new sign ups for this yearly professional basketball camp.

    Client: Morgan Air

    Hope for Homes Project

    We created this upbeat video to show the work Morgan Air does in the Tampa Bay community for organizations like Hope for Homes. In this promotional piece, we showcased how Morgan Air gave its time and love to this in-need family and the uplifting positive result. This video was used on Facebook and Youtube to promote Morgan Air's business within the community.

    Client: OP Centers of Florida

    Patient Spotlight

    We created this patient spotlight video in our ongoing series of videos. This video told the story of a John who overcame at all odds the loss of his limb and was able to thrive as a musician and contributor in his community. The video will be used on the OPC website and on Facebook and other social media outlets.

    Client: Atlantis Dental

    Promotional Video

    This was a shoot-only project where we captured and represented the dental office and team in the best possible light. We shot interviews, captured the working ins and outs during a day in the life of the office. This video was used on their website and is building the Know, Like and Trust factor with all potential clients in the Atlantis, Florida community.